The Original Multi-Louvered
Gutter Guard.

Why continue to clean your gutters by hand? With the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™ you can protect your gutters with the original multi-louvered gutter cover that has been in constant use for over 20 years?

Patented in the 1980's as a result of the inventors frustration with cleaning his own gutters. He had to get the ladder so that he could clean his gutters by hand which was a dirty, smelly and dangerous task.  Over the previous several years the inventor had purchased and tried several kinds of gutter screens which he thought would be a quick and inexpensive solution to his problem. Back then only screens and strainers were available.

Unfortunately the screens created additional problems for him.  After a while his gutters were still getting clogged. When he tried to clean the gutters that were covered with screens, the task became longer, harder, and more dangerous with his hands getting scraped and cut.

The product that evolved from the inventor's experience has proven itself to be the best solution for protecting gutters.  That's why we named it the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™


The #1 gutter cover
The louvers make the difference.

Many small louvers are better than one long louver.