• Will the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™ work on my home?
    It doesn't matter how steep your roof is or what kind of shingle you have, the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™ will work.  It is designed to work with virtually every roof system regardless of roof pitch.
  • Do I need to replace my gutters when I have the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector installed?
    Not unless they are pitted, wavy, dented or badly damaged. Why replace perfectly good gutters if you don't have to?
  • What should I do if my NUMBER ONE Gutter Protectors™ get damaged?
    Replacement protectors are available from your installer or directly from us.  A falling tree limb may only damage one or two protectors which can easily be replaced and save your gutter from being damaged.
  • Will the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protectors™ solve my ice problems in the winter?
    The NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™ will keep the ice out of your gutter but will not solve an ice dam problem.  Ice dams can only be cured by addressing the source of the heat lose through the roof with proper insulation and ventilation.
  • Is any maintenance needed once my NUMBER ONE Gutter Protectors™ are installed?
    Keeping your new NUMBER ONE Gutter Protectors clean not only keeps them looking good but also ensure that they work properly.  The only thing that may be need is a simple brushing with a telescopic pole and brush which you purchase locally or from us.

Customer Comments

The system has been installed for over a year now and we have had no problems.  During the last fall season, the gutters, worked the best that they have ever worked.  I now feel that the money that I spent on your system was the best money that I have spent on my house to date.

Mark Rosenfelt
Freehold, NJ