The Gutter Guard

The reason why the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™ is the number one gutter cover is because it's multi-louvered design improves on the basic single louver helmet design and is a huge improvement over any gutter protector that has openings on top.

Why it's a Better Performer

The NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™ incorporates a "solid top" which protects the gutter from falling debris and a louvered "front" which prevents leaves and pine needles from washing in along with the water.  You can see why this is a big improvement over the many variations of the helmet type which have no way to filter out debris that sticks to the surface the same way the water does.

Why it's a Great Value

You would think that with it's more innovative design, the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™ would be more expensive than the simple single louver covers but it's usually not.

Despite the sophisticated design, our modern high speed production enables us to offer the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™ at competitive pricing that enable you to get the number one gutter cover for less than you might think.

Protect the investment you've made in your home by not wasting your time, or money with inferior gutter protection. With the NUMBER ONE Gutter Protector™ you only have to invest once then enjoy the rewards for years to come.


White Royal Brown
Cream Bronze
Clay Black
Light Gray Dark Gray
Terratone Musket Brown
Actual colors may vary

Match your gutter color or blend with your roof shingles.